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Sri Lanka

We’re big fans of fairness. our products are made ethically and consciously.
And how do we make sure of this?

MAS Holdings is one of the world’s most recognized textile manufacturers.
Our products are made in factories where workers earn fair wages, work in good condition,
and waste and environmental damage is minimal.
Our products do good from start to finish.

made better

At MAS, we prioritize sustainability, ethics and integrity in manufacturing, and have the results to prove it. We’ve introduced health and
wellness initiatives, financial planning training and various gender diversity programs in our factories, ensuring safe and secure working
environments for all our employees.

do better

MAS Holdings walks the walk just as well as we talk the talk. As of 2018, 50% of MAS factories’ energy sources are renewable.
We’re on plan to become Zero Waste to Landfill by the end of 2018.

We’ve accomplished multiple community-based initiatives, growing organic gardens in 30 schools with
500 students and restoring habitat across 1000 acres of land, both in 2018.