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We’re redefining what’s possible in apparel and soft goods,
by creating and commercializing the world’s most groundbreaking textile technologies.

Illumination technology that is revolutionizing

The CES® 2017 Innovation Awards. Honoree and recipient of an Award at ISPO
is the only next-to-skin illumination technology that can be
easily integrated into any gear, keeping you safe and visible at all times.


  • Firefly LED Point source lighting
  • Firefly Lightguide Continuous lighting
  • Firefly Module Controls Illumination levels


  • upto 8 hours battery life
  • micro-USB rechargable and 0.5oz module
  • machine washable
  • works in any weather condition

Active heat technology that puts you in control

Phoenix was developed with the sole purpose of allowing individuals to move swiftly, wearing
minimal clothing layers in extreme cold weathers. This machine-washable, revolutionary technology
can be incorporated into lightweight jackets and is powered by a small, easily rechargeable
battery that lasts for four hours allowing you to control your own micro-climate.
Phoenix was recognized as a CES® 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree.

how it works

  • Heating Panel Heating panels are embedded into the fabric and connected to a controller battery. Panels and electronics are thin, lightweight and invisible to the naked eye.
  • Controller/Battery 4 preset temperature settings. The battery provides up to 3 hours of power and it recharges in as little as 90 minutes when connected to a power outlet.
  • Safety Insulated heating elements + a certified and fail-safe battery prevents overheating and short-circuiting.

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